First Aid Requirements

To ensure the proper quality of first aid to the victim, the provider should know: the procedure for providing assistance; the main signs of a violation of the vital functions of the human body; rules, methods, first aid techniques; algorithms for assisting and the main transport provisions given to the victim with various injuries.

The first aid provider should be able to:

  • quickly and correctly assess the situation that caused the injury;
  • determine the type of injury and assess the severity of the lesion;
  • quickly and competently make a decision on the conduct of first aid measures for the victim (determine the amount of necessary first aid measures and the sequence of their implementation);
  • to restore the conductivity of the upper respiratory tract (to have techniques for removing foreign bodies from the upper respiratory tract);
  • perform elementary cardiopulmonary resuscitation (perform artificial ventilation of the lungs and indirect heart massage);
  • stop bleeding in various ways (applying a tourniquet, pressure bandages, finger pressing of the vessel, maximum flexion of the limb in the joint) using time sheets and improvised means;
  • treat wounds and apply various types of dressings for injuries to the head, neck, chest, abdomen, limbs;
  • to immobilize limbs in case of fractures, dislocations, sprains with the help of service tools and improvised material (apply tires and immobilizing dressings);
  • use personnel and improvised means when transporting the victim;
  • give the necessary transport position to the victim with various types of injuries and lay the victim in a stable position on his side;
  • provide assistance with poisoning, burns, frostbite, hypothermia.

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