How to determine chest excursion?

The size of the circumference of the chest characterizes the development and the degree of its mobility. Measurement of the circumference of the chest is carried out in three phases: at rest (pause), when the chest is in a state average between inhalation and exhalation; with a full breath; with a full exhale.

: исследуемый разводит руки в стороны. The measurement is carried out as follows : the subject extends his arms to the sides. A centimeter tape is applied so that it passes behind the lower corners of the shoulder blades, in front of the men in the lower segment of the nipples, and in women above the mammary gland, at the point where the skin passes from the chest to the gland. After applying the tape, the subject drops his hands. When measuring the maximum inspiration, one should not strain the muscles and raise the shoulders, and when maximizing the inspiration, do not slouch.

The difference in the circumference of the chest in the phase of inhalation and exhalation is called - "tour of the chest." Excursion is a very important indicator of the functional state of the chest and respiratory apparatus as a whole. It depends on the morphostructural development of the chest, its mobility, type of breathing. Under the influence of sports, chest excursion naturally increases. If the average chest excursion for adult men is 4-6 cm, and women 3-5 cm, then for trained it reaches 12-15 cm.

The size of the chest excursion is influenced by its shape and development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle. People with a long chest and oblique direction of the lower ribs have a large excursion, and people with a wide chest and a more horizontal direction of the ribs have a smaller excursion of the chest. Many authors point out that people with highly developed muscles of the shoulder girdle (weight lifters, gymnasts, etc.) have a relatively smaller chest excursion. However, when applying the perfect training methodology for these sports, such phenomena are rare.

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