Global issues of today

Global issues of our time:

- these are the problems facing humanity, requiring the integration of human efforts to solve them and threatening the existence of humanity,

- This is a set of social and natural problems, the solution of which determines the social progress of mankind and the preservation of civilization. These problems are characterized by dynamism, arise as an objective factor in the development of society, and for their solution they require the combined efforts of all mankind. Global problems are interconnected, cover all aspects of people's lives and concern all countries of the world,

- The globalization of social, cultural, economic and political processes in the modern world, along with the positive aspects, has generated a number of serious problems, which are called the "global problems of mankind."

Features :

- are planetary in nature,

- threaten all of humanity,

- require the collective efforts of the world community.

Types of global problems:

1. crisis of attitude to nature ( environmental problem ): the exhaustibility of natural resources, irreversible changes in the environment,

2. The economic crisis . It is necessary to help narrow the gap in the level of economic development between the developed countries of the West and the developing countries of the "third world",

3. political crisis : the development of many conflicts, ethnic and racial conflicts, The task of mankind is to prevent the threat of a new world war and the fight against international terrorism,

4. crisis of human survival conditions : depletion of food resources, energy, drinking water, clean air, mineral reserves,

5. demographic crisis (population problem): uneven and uncontrolled population growth in developing countries. Requires stabilization of the demographic situation on the planet,

6. The threat of thermonuclear war : an arms race, pollution caused by nuclear weapons tests, the genetic consequences of these tests, the uncontrolled development of nuclear technology,

7. The problem of protecting health and preventing the spread of AIDS, drug addiction ,

8. The crisis of human spirituality : ideological withdrawal, loss of moral values, dependence on alcohol and drugs.

List of global issues:

1. The unsolved problem of the abolition of aging in people and poor public awareness of negligible aging,

2. The North-South problem - the development gap between rich and poor countries, poverty, hunger and illiteracy;

3. prevention of thermonuclear war and ensuring peace for all peoples, preventing the international community from unauthorized distribution of nuclear technologies, radioactive pollution of the environment;


4. catastrophic environmental pollution,

5. Decrease in biodiversity ;

6. providing humanity with resources, exhaustion of oil, natural gas, coal, fresh water, wood, non-ferrous metals;

7. global warming ;

8. ozone holes ;

9. The problem of cardiovascular, cancer and AIDS.

10. demographic development (population explosion in developing countries and population crisis in developed countries), possible hunger,

11. terrorism;

12. asteroid hazard ;

13. underestimation of global threats to human existence, such as the development of unfriendly artificial intelligence and global disasters.

Global problems are the result of the confrontation of nature and human culture, as well as the inconsistency or incompatibility of multidirectional trends in the development of human culture itself. Natural nature exists on the principle of negative feedback (see biotic regulation of the environment), while human culture - on the principle of positive feedback.

Attempts to solve:

- The demographic transition is the natural end of the 1960s population explosion

- Nuclear disarmament

- energy saving

- Montreal Protocol (1989) - Ozone Hole Control

- The Kyoto Protocol (1997) - the fight against global warming.

- Scientific prizes for the successful radical extension of life to mammals (mice) and their rejuvenation.

- Club of Rome (1968)

The Club of Rome initially considered one of its main tasks to attract the attention of the world community to global problems. One report is prepared annually. The Club’s order for reports defines only the topic and guarantees funding for scientific research, but in no case does it affect either the progress of the work or its results and conclusions.

1 Environmental issues:

- Environmental pollution,

- The extinction of species of animals and plants,

- Deforestation,

- Global warming,

- Exhaustion of natural resources,

- The ozone hole.

Steps to solve:

- 1982 - adoption of the UN Charter for the Conservation of Nature,

- 2008 - signing of Kyoto protocols to reduce atmospheric emissions,

- environmental laws in individual countries

- development of new non-waste resource-saving processing technologies,

- education of a person.

2 Demographic issues:

- The threat of overpopulation,

- A sharp increase in population in third world countries,

- Low fertility in the countries of the " golden billion " (Europe and the Middle East: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Greece. Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Australia; Oceania and the Far East: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan; North America: Canada, USA.) .

3 Socio - economic problems:

- The problem “north” - “south” - the gap between rich countries and poor countries of the south,

- The threat of hunger and lack of medical support in developing countries.

4 Political issues:

- threat of the third world war,

- the problem of world terrorism,

- the threat of proliferation of nuclear weapons outside the "nuclear club" ( Nuclear club - a political science cliché, symbol of a group of nuclear powers - states that have developed, manufactured and tested nuclear weapons, USA (c 1945), Russia (originally the Soviet Union , 1949), Great Britain (1952), France (1960), China (1964), India (1974), Pakistan (1998) and North Korea (2006). Israel is also considered to have nuclear weapons,

- the threat of local conflicts becoming international global.

5 Humanitarian issues:

- the spread of incurable diseases,

- criminalization of society,

- the spread of drug addiction,

- man and cloning.

- Man and computer.

Ways to overcome global challenges:

In order to overcome the global problems of our time, society must rely on certain basic values. Many modern philosophers believe that such values ​​may be the values ​​of humanism.

The implementation of the principles of humanism means the manifestation of a universal principle. Humanism is defined as a system of ideas and values, affirming the universal significance of human life in general and of an individual person in particular.

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