Discipline of labor

Labor discipline is compulsory for all employees to comply with the rules of conduct established by the employer during their performance of labor duties. These rules are established by the general requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, other federal laws, as well as the collective agreement, agreements, local regulations, individual labor agreement.
The employer is obliged to create the conditions necessary for employees to observe labor discipline.

Discipline of labor is the most important element of the employee’s labor relations with the employer and his holy duty to abide by the internal labor regulations.

The value of labor discipline lies in the fact that it:

  • contributes to the achievement of high quality of the results of labor of each employee and organization;
  • allows the employee to work with the highest productivity;
  • contributes to the protection of health and life during employment, the prevention of occupational injuries and occupational diseases;
  • contributes to the rational use of working time of each employee and the entire work collective.

Methods of ensuring labor discipline are necessary to create organizational and economic conditions for highly productive work. The following three methods are interconnected: a conscious attitude to work; methods of persuasion and education; incentive for conscientious work, and for negligent, unscrupulous employees - the application of disciplinary and social measures where necessary.

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