Security measures during firing

Security measures in the handling of weapons and ammunition are regulated by section V of the Manual on the organization of fire training in the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation, approved by Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of November 13, 2012 No. 1030dsp "On approval of the Manual on the organization of fire training in the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation" :

Safety during firing is ensured by:

1. Exact observance by employees of the established security measures when handling weapons and ammunition.

2. The correct organization of firing and high discipline of employees.

3. Clear and competent leadership of the events.

4. Serviceability of weapons, ammunition, simulation equipment, bullets, anti-ballistic and fire-fighting equipment, lighting, means of amplifying speech and transmitting commands.

The borders of an open or half-open shooting range, shooting range and range are indicated by alternating inscriptions: "Shooting range" or "Stop, shoot" or "Passage and passage is prohibited", which are established within good visibility, as well as at the intersection of paths and roads leading to their territory . If necessary, the borders of the shooting range, shooting range and range can be dug in trenches. Roads and hiking trails are blocked by barriers or other barriers. On the forthcoming firing, a local self-government body in whose territory there is an open or half-open shooting range, shooting range and firing range, notification sheets are sent about the time and place of firing by the body, organization, unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (Appendix No. 4), and announcements are posted in nearby settlements in Russian and local (national) >

Permission to open fire is given only by the leader (assistant leader) of the firing. Fire is permitted by the commands "Fire" or "Forward" from the firing line or firing lines according to the conditions for the exercises. Shooting stops at the command “Stop, cease fire” or “End”, or when people, cars, animals, as well as low flying aircraft appear on the target field over the shooting area, when malfunctions of the target equipment are detected, a fire occurs , delays in shooting , raising a white flag (lantern) at a command post or dugout (shelter), when a white-light missile sends a signal.

Antinoise earphones and goggles are put on and corrected before the start of the exercise, and removed at the command of the head (assistant leader) of firing. . Moreover, these actions are performed in the absence of weapons in the hands of the shooter .


When firing is prohibited:

1. Uncover the weapon or remove it from the holster without the permission of the leader (assistant leader) of firing.

2. Direct the weapon, regardless of whether it is loaded or not, in the direction where people are, or in the direction of their possible appearance.

3. To load weapons with live or blank cartridges, as well as to bring a hand-held fragmentation grenade ready to throw without a command from the leader (assistant leader) of firing.

4. Open and fire (grenade throwing):

  • without a team leader (assistant leader) firing;
  • from faulty weapons;
  • in dangerous directions (including beyond the borders of the shooting range, shooting range or range);
  • above bulletproof shafts or enclosing walls, if any;
  • when the white flag (lantern) is raised at the command post of a shooting range, shooting range or range.

5. Leave weapons, ammunition or grenades at the firing range or elsewhere, and also transfer them to other persons without the permission of the firing leader (assistant leader).

In case of violation by employees of the requirements of this Manual, firing ceases immediately. An employee who has committed a violation of security measures is suspended from firing, and is rated "unsatisfactory." This employee is required to independently study the basics of the use of weapons , firing rules , material and tactical and technical characteristics of weapons and ammunition, safety measures when handling them, delays in firing and methods for eliminating them and pass the test on the theoretical part of the fire training. The employee who did not pass the test is not allowed to practice shooting.

The shooter should not touch the trigger (including in the pauses between shots when firing at unlimited time), except for the moments of aiming and firing. In this case, the weapon should be directed towards the targets.

When performing exercises related to turns, turns, flips, jumps, movements, until the moment of opening fire, the weapon is put on the fuse. Weapons should not be aimed at the shooter.

To ensure safety measures during shooting, as well as to eliminate bullet ricochet during exercises from short distances, it is recommended to move the firing line and the target line to the required distance from the bullet collector or use protective glasses for employees.

When shooting with a hand weapon:

  • It is forbidden to use ammunition if: on the sleeve there is rust, bruising or green coating; the bullet staggers in the barrel of a cartridge case; the capsule protrudes above the bottom surface of the sleeve or is damaged.
  • It is forbidden to hold it by the barrel near the muzzle and by the body, where there are moving parts.
  • When holding a weapon with a free play of the shutter, the grip should be such that the shutter does not injure the hands (arm).
  • If for any reason the cartridge was thrown out of the chamber, then the shooting should continue until all cartridges are used up, and at the end of the shooting report to the head (assistant leader) of the cartridge about the unused cartridge (s).

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