The concept of labor protection

Labor protection is a socially significant activity to ensure the safety of professional activities of employees.

At its core, labor protection is engaged in minimizing the losses of society during its production activities, firstly, by preventing cases of occupational injuries and occupational morbidity, and, secondly, by using methods of social protection of victims at work.

Federal legislation (for its purposes) gives a descriptive definition of labor protection as a system for preserving the life and health of workers in the course of their labor activity, including legal, socio-economic, organizational and technical, sanitary and hygienic, medical and preventive, rehabilitation and other measures .

Note that the very possibility of different approaches to the definition of labor protection speaks of its multifaceted nature and internal complexity.
As a basis, labor protection includes labor safety (safety measures) and occupational health (industrial sanitation) , which implement safe and healthy conditions of a simple labor process, but are not limited to them.

The differences between labor safety and labor protection (the safety of hired professional labor) are related to the specifics of hired labor, when one of the parties to the labor contract - the employee - sells to another participant - the employer - his ability (labor force) to carry out a simple labor process (work) as a commodity , i.e., its performance.

We have already said that the main dangers for a working person during a simple labor process are injuries and illnesses.
Moreover, the trauma and / or disease received at work additionally threatens a person not only as a biological being, but also as a subject of social and labor relations - an employee, depriving him, in whole or in part, of his working capacity - often the only property that the employee possesses and which he can sell in the labor market.

The trauma received in the course of labor may look the same from the medical point of view, but serious injuries sustained under the conditions of “self-employment” and “hired labor for the employer” are of completely different socio-economic nature, and their social consequences are regulated by various legal provisions.

Since each victim, having lost his ability to work, can either die of starvation or must receive compensation, the company represented by the state should introduce a system of regulation by the company of labor relations between the employee and the employer in the field of labor safety - labor protection.

An important and necessary property of labor protection is its complexity and the presence of legal, economic and social aspects, and not just technical, sanitary and hygienic and medical measures.

It should be noted that labor protection is a part of social and labor relations and this differs from labor safety (any labor, including self-service), and from production safety, and from safety measures.

That is why labor protection is an element of the social policy of society and the state, that is why it is an integral part of labor law, that is why the main provision of labor protection - ensuring safe and healthy working conditions - is one of the basic constitutionally fixed rights of every citizen of the Russian Federation.

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