и сохраните деньги свои и ваших родных. Be sure to read this, and discard it to your friends and relatives, because only in this way will you stop fraud and save your money and your relatives.

So: how to protect yourself from scammers:

1) Fraudsters say that your child had an accident, or something happened to him. Transfer money.

позвоните своему ребенку. The right decision: call your child. If there is no connection, then request the data where your child is. If they do not want to speak or say the wrong location - this is fraud, call the police and leave a request to investigate this incident with a written response to your physical address.
они просят перевести деньги на карточку банка или, если вы не можете перевести на карту, говорят, что они могут прийти и взять деньги у вас лично. If they react incorrectly, they ask you to transfer money to a bank card or, if you cannot transfer to a card, they say that they can come and take money from you personally.

2) Fraudsters say they are bank employees. Your card is blocked.

позвоните по телефону вашего банка и узнайте об этом. The right decision : call your bank and find out about it. If you can’t call, come to the nearest bank branch and find out.
они узнают ваши персональные данные и могут открыть кредит в банке. If they react incorrectly, they will find out your personal data and may open a loan at the bank.

Or if they found out the card number and pincode, they can withdraw your money from the card.

3) Fraudsters call from another number “Moms I have a problem” and here their imagination has no limits. What they just don't come up with:
* They say that your child did not replenish the account ;.
* someone needs to transfer money (usually this is not a lot of 200-400 rubles);
* money must be transferred;
* stole a wallet with cards;
* I forgot the money and I need to pay for food in a restaurant, or somewhere else;
* and so on…
когда ваш ребенок куда-то едет или уходит, всегда спрашивайте его: куда, где будешь, не забыл(а) деньги… Тогда если звонят мошенники, всегда звоните своему ребенку на его номер телефона или, если номер не доступен, спрашивайте, где мой ребенок сейчас находится. The right decision: when your child goes somewhere or leaves, always ask him: where, wherever, have not forgotten (a) money ... Then if scammers call, always call your child on his phone number or, if the number is not available, ask where my child is now.
спешка и паника, которая приводит к похищению ваших денег. Wrong decision : rush and panic, which leads to the theft of your money.

4) Wrong online shopping. Fraudsters put a very low price on the product so that they are called the most. And they ask to transfer money 400-600 rubles for delivery, because only after that they will send the goods. Be very careful and watchful, as 99% is a scam !!!
даже не звоните за товар, который в 2-3 раза дешевле. The correct reaction: do not even call for a product that is 2-3 times cheaper. And if you really want to take this product, then say that payment is only upon receipt of the goods.

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